ACM Super Box Playout Movie Software 14

ACM Super Box Playout Movie Software - 1 PC (DVD)

Platform – Win XP, Win 7 and Win 8

Price Sale: 14,000.00 + Delivery charges may apply

▶ Full HD Quality Pictures
▶ Full Alpha Transparentcy
▶ Transparent Scroll with Animated Alpha Background Support
▶ Online 3D Weather Report with Indian Map Animation
▶ 3D Transparent Breaking News
▶ 3D transparent Cinema Scope
▶ 3D Transparent L-Shape Ad
▶ 3D Movie of the Month, 3D Movie of the Week, 3D Movie Trailer
▶ Very Smooth Inbuilt Transparent Scroll with JPG,SWF,PNG,GIF etc. Support.

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